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"Without a past, there is no future."

The purpose and objectives of the Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society shall be to provide for the discovery, preservation, and dissemination of materials and knowledge, about the history of peoples, families, structures, objects, and items of interest, importance, and value, in relation to Amite County, Mississippi, and its vicinity.

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The supply of the two-volume WPA book on Amite County is almost exhausted.

Please write to ACHGS, PO Box 2, Liberty, MS 39645 to inquire about purchases and availability before attempting to order.  Facebook users may post an inquiry on the ACHGS group Facebook page



 View the flyer advertising the Little Red School House Museum here.  Note that this is an old image of the flyer and only the telephone numbers for Mrs. Vera Prestridge should be considered current.  Others listed on the contact list should not be contacted.


A second series of five postcards are now available, this time in colo

Find out how to buy the picture post cards featuring Amite County historical images here

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The purpose of this web site is to publicize the ACHGS and provide news on current events in the county with genealogical or historical aspects.  This web site is not intended to duplicate or otherwise conflict with any sites that specialize in genealogical or historical information about Amite County or Southwest Mississippi.  The accuracy and completeness of any essays on historical events or records of genealogy published here are the responsibility of the author that contributed the information for publication in this medium.  Source references will be given for any materials extracted by the ACHGS from copyrighted publications and incorporated on this web site.

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