Pictures from the 3rd Annual ACHGS Open House / Membership Drive

9 December 2006

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Photos by William G. Barron below

Little Red Schoolhouse

Shea Stringer & Hettie Skinner


Linda Honea Lea (foreground)

Oma Gordon & Vera Prestridge (background)

Ann Brumfield

William Earl & Bill Gordon


David Roberts

(the Indian artifacts collector)

Arrowhead collection 1

Arrowhead collection 2

Arrowhead collection 3

Wayne Parker

Hettie Skinner & Shea Stringer

Shea Stringer on bagpipes

Wayne Anderson

(from left) Wanda Anderson Miley, Bill Anderson & wife, Blair


(from left) Mattie Rials, Peggy Sharp, Tani James

(background) Bill Gordon


(from left) Camille Newman, James Lester Newman, Lois Bates, Dewitt Bates

Will Barron

Greg Barron (looking a bit worn-out)


Photos by Oma Gordon below