Summary of the Organization


The Constitution and By-Laws were executed and signed by the founding members on July 23, 2004.   Subsequently, the Constitution and By-Laws were amended by approval vote of the members in the election concluded June 9, 2007.  (The amended version will be added to this page (see link below) as soon as it is in final form for submission to the Mississippi Secy. of State's Office.)


The affairs of the society are directed by a five-member Executive Board which is made up of the four officers and one at-large member.  The four officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Board is elected by majority vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting.  The five Board members serve one-year terms but may be reelected to consecutive terms.


The President, in consultation with the Board, may appoint assistant secretaries and other officers assigned to specific duties under the direction of the Secretary or other officer.  The duties of assistants may include Membership Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Chair, Archivist/Historian, Genealogy Historian, and such other persons as necessary as determined by the Board.




Current Officer


Dawn Taylor 


William G. Barron


Wayne Anderson


Gay Blalock

Board (At-large)

Allen C. Terrell




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