Picture Post Cards

Note: This page will be updated with information on the new Series B post cards in the near future.  New cards have color images.

Now available for purchase from the society

Note:  Text at bottom of the sample images was added to aid subject identification on this web page and is not on the face of the actual cards.  The identifying text on the cards is on the reverse (message/address side).


These cards feature old photographic images of historic Amite County locations and activities.  There are seven cards in this series (designated Series A).  If this series sells well, additional series of cards will be published in the future.

This is a perfect opportunity to obtain copies of these images that are rarely seen and/or are not likely to be included in other published forms.  If you have younger children, consider buying a set for each child to help them start collecting reference materials for their own book of childhood reminiscences and documentation of their origins.  They also make good note cards for short missives to friends for those of you who still write letters.

Cards are $1.00 each but a copy of the entire 7-card set can be bought for $5.00.  (Sales tax of 7% will be added on all sales.)

Cards may be made available for sale by mail later when postage costs are determined.

For now, please contact a society member (see the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum flyer here for phone numbers) or visit the Little Red Schoolhouse to buy the cards.